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Panhard Dyna X engine work

The owner of the Panhard Dyna X86 that I've had up for sale called me with some good news the other day, he has found that he is missing the Panhard more than he expected and has decided to keep it. I'm rather glad about this as he appreciates it about as much as I do. I haven't been pushing the sale particularly hard as there was bit of noise from the engine the last time I drove it and it was down on power. Today I started looking into why this might be. Removing the entire front end is an easy task as it comes off in one piece and provides excellent access. With this out of the way and the intake and exhaust pipes removed I could hear a whistling sound when turning the engine over by hand, eventually tracked down to the dipstick hole. I suspect there is an issue with the breather mechanism, the control shaft, which is also part of the distributor drive, is in 2 parts and I found it to be loosely joined. I've got to check the timing of this part as if it is incorrect the engine will throw its oil out and also create incorrect pressures inside the crankcase. From the photo it looks like the throwing oil part might be right as it is rather black and wet around the breather pipe.

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