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Mini Mayfair progress

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

I've had some fun sorting out the problems with the Mini Mayfair automatic that came in last week. Good news for the owner after initial inspection was that the tyres were all quite new, not so good was that it had split pot joint rubbers, broken engine mounts, 34 year old radiator hoses and a leaking exhaust to manifold joint (probably something to do with the engine mounts). So far I have the engine mounted correctly, the front suspension has been stripped down and new rubber springs and HiLo struts have been fitted to sort the ride height & I've done my best to preserve the slightly rusty valve cover. Removing it revealed what looked like a brand new engine, testament to the low mileage. I should have both of the inner half shaft boots replaced, radiator back in and new hoses, thermostat, etc. fitted by the end of tomorrow. it was interesting finding out that Leyland painted the engines yellow, I did not know that.

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