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MG Midget axle leak

The MkIV Midget I look after came into the workshop a couple of weeks ago for a service and check over, whilst it was in I noticed a leak from the rear axle so it was booked in to have the differential pinion seal replaced. The owner then called at the end of last week as, in the meantime, the clutch hydraulics appeared to have failed. This was confirmed when the slave cylinder was removed from the gearbox and the fluid ran out of the end, indicating a failed seal, new master and slave cylinders have been ordered to deal with that issue. When it came to the pinion seal, whilst it was leaking, there was more oil coming from the rear of the case. A bit of a dig out of some silicone revealed what looked like body filler and with that of the way a 6mm hole was found in the bottom rear of the case. Oh dear. The axle will now have to come out so it can be stripped and cleaned and then welded up and reassembled.

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