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Lancia Augusta steering wobble

Amongst the myriad issues this car has suffered since its sale was a rather unsettling wobble through the steering. It had new tyres, of course, but the wheels were also sent away to be rebuilt (Bibendum type, every spoke a different length). To rule everything out I rebuilt the sliding pillar front suspension & re-bushed the steering but all pretty much to no avail, other than a sense of security for the owner regarding the suspension and steering being all correct. I went back to basics and had the tyres removed from the wheels which, when spun up, didn't run true. The wheels were sent back to the guy who rebuilt them the last time, he sorted out the faults and sent them on to Longstone to meet up with the tyres, I wanted them to do the balancing as they know what they are doing. All of this has taken many months, they came back last week and the wobble has gone. The test drive did expose a problem with the brakes but this was easily fixed by rebuilding all of the slave cylinders, all I have to do now is put some miles on it.

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