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E-type Jaguar progress

I've spent some time over the last couple of weeks getting the engine & gearbox back into the Series 1 E-type and it is very nearly done. Once I got the balanced flywheel and clutch back on and the gearbox fitted it didn't take long to fit the whole thing back into the car, the time since has been taken up fixing whatever else has been found to be broken and sourcing and fitting any parts that were either missing or incorrect. The new radiator and header tank are beautifully made and were a perfect fit, the same can be said of the exhaust system, such a pleasure to work with high quality parts. I can now fill it with fluids whilst I wait for the starter motor and alternator to come back from overhaul. As I had hoped I was able to get the front suspension work completed with the weight of the engine in the frame, although I did have to stand on the front end to get the bolts in.

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