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Corvette C4 in the workshop

It's been a couple of months since it was last in but nice to see the Corvette again. The owner had it booked in for an oil change but events overtook the schedule, after a day out locally it wouldn't start so when it fired up the next day he brought it straight to the workshop. I was told that the fuses had been jiggled about a bit (technical term) and now the digital dash was not working. When I removed all of the fuses some of them came out with condensation on them and several had contacts that were not the best, particularly the one labelled "CLSTR". I dried out the fuse box and replaced any fuse that was suspect or the incorrect value and when the ignition was turned on the dash was all good. It also started right up. A couple of weeks ago the AA man had been called out due to the starter not kicking off, when he attached an earth between battery negative and the engine it worked. For this reason I re-secured all of the earth connections to the engine and frame, will have to see how that works out. I'll do the oil change next week.

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