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Chris' Mod School

Having waited an age for Sally's kids to get into cars it seems it's all happening at once. The eldest wanted his second car to have a little 'more' than his first so went for something older, an unmolested 2004 Leon Cupra that he could modify in his own way. Just like back in the day the car didn't last long, the gearbox had no oil in it, which led to a search for a replacement. It seems that even though the engine is used in a variety of cars from various manufacturers the gearbox is very particular so when I stumbled on this, a modified Cupra in the same colour with most of the parts he wants (adjustable coil-overs, leather interior, front splitter, straight through exhaust) and only down the road in Preesall, it was a no-brainer. He'll strip it down himself, under my supervision, and will learn a lot about how to repair and modify a 20 year old car. If he does a good job of the teardown I might let him in the building for the refit.

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