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Chevy Bel Air going home

The Chevy Bel Air that came in a few weeks ago has left the building today. The owner was hoping to take it to an event this weekend, I wasn't sure if this was going to be possible, partly because of all the time off I've had recently, partly because I was not sure how long the parts would take to arrive. I sourced a wiring loom and a battery tray from National Chevy Association in the US and they were delivered last Friday, 4 days after paying for it. The service provided by SP Water Pumps was also excellent, the original pump was rebuilt and returned within a week. The new loom was clearly labelled at every wire end, that made refitting quite straightforward, and I was rather pleased with how the headlining went back in. I took the liberty of replacing the dash lamp, tail & brake lamp & parking lamp bulbs with 6v LEDs and they've made a big difference. I also had the cooling fan and one of the battery tray brackets sandblasted and powder coated by the guys at KLS in Galgate, they got the parts back to me in 24 hours. Look out for this Bel Air outside the Midland Hotel during the Vintage by the Sea event in Morecambe.

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