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Chevrolet 3100 pickup in the workshop, soon to be added to the Inventory

This great looking Chevy 3100 pickup truck was dropped off at the workshop today, I'm going to be checking it over, making it run and then offering it up for sale. Initial impressions are that it's a great truck, perfect in the patina department, just needs a coat of wax or some clear coat. There is no rust in the outer body panels and only a small amount in the floor and kick panel on the passenger side indoors. It needs a new bed in the back but some reclaimed floorboards would sort that out and look great. The engine bay is tidy, complete and very original. I'm going to lubricate the bores and check the engine turns, change the oil & filter, possibly get the starter refurbished and clean out the carburettor before seeing if it fires up.

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