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2003 Nissan Skyline 350GT

Nissan Skyline

Price:   £5000

I bought this 2003 Nissan Skyline 350GT in December last year but I can no longer justify owning it, sad really, it is easily the best car I have ever owned. It was imported from Japan in 2015 (export certificate on file) and registered with the DVLA in July of that year. These were not available new in the UK, in the USA they were sold as the Infiniti G35. It is MoT tested until November 2023.

The front midship mounted 3.5 litre normally aspirated V6 gives out a little under 300hp, more than enough to propel its 1500kg down the road at a significant rate. The 5 speed automatic is such a delight I have never used it manual mode but it is available (there is also a "Snow" switch that limits the engine revs and changes the shift patterns). The engine bay is spotless and there are no leaks.

As for the rest of the drive train it's got just about the most perfectly weighted power steering, "stop on a dime" Brembo brakes all round and nothing in the way of knocks or bangs from the suspension.

The bodywork, as you can see in the photos, presents well, although there are a couple of small marks here and there and some light scratches in the clearcoat that only show up in certain light. There is no sign of any rust or any past repairs.

The interior is very good overall, carpets are excellent with a soft rug for the passenger and a rubber mat for the driver. The asymmetrical front seats are extremely comfortable, the passenger seat is in excellent condition, the driver's has wear on the outside rear of the base but as I don't see this when I am driving, and it is a driver's car, I've done nothing about it. The rear seats, whilst certainly roomy enough for teenagers or small adults, have barely been used. There is a Bose 6 disc CD changer, the sound from which is almost as good as the exhaust note when you are up in the rev range. There is also a Japanese language satnav, I have the US Infiniti G35 manual but the buttons are marked in Japanese so haven't bothered with it. It does have a European DVD.

Please call or email for more details and to arrange an inspection and test drive.

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