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1984 Porsche 928S2


Price:   £enquire


You've never seen one of these before, guaranteed. This is effectively a 2 year old Porsche 928S2, it was parked up in 1986 and not used since, as you will see as soon as you sit in the driver's seat. With only 31000 miles on the clock the drivetrain is in excellent condition from the steering wheel to the road. The interior is immaculate, nothing more to say. On top of all this it has the desired, and rare, manual gearbox. Truly a one of a kind opportunity. This Porsche recently passed its first ever MoT test and is ready to roll.


Since recovering it from long term storage I have undertaken a comprehensive process of re-awakening this delightful Porsche. This work has included, but is not limited to:


Drivetrain: The engine is currently being completely rebuilt with new pistons, bored & nikasil plated cylinders. I had already replaced camshaft timing belt & all ancillary belts; new spark plugs, plug wires, distributor caps, rotor arms & distributor link belt; remove, clean, test & refit fuel rails with new injector seals; MAF sensor modified and re-calibrated; new air, fuel & oil filters; new fuel pump & replacement fuel tank & sender fitted; 4 new tyres.


Brakes: new brake discs and pads all round; new brake flexible hoses; rebuilt brake calipers; new wear sensor wires.

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