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1953 Panhard Dyna X86 Sprint

Panhard Dyna X86 Sprint

Price:   £8000

Due to a change in plans for the owner of this delightful Panhard Dyna X86 Sprint I am able to offer it for sale for the second time. It's a car I sourced for a customer 10 years ago, I went through the whole car to make sure it was safe and reliable and then looked after it for him until he passed away. I then sold it to the current owner a couple of years ago, he was planning on recreating a journey to to the Arctic Circle made by a couple of French chaps in the late 40s but Covid (mostly) has put a stop to that and now someone else can have the opportunity to own this fabulous car.

When I got it from Gallery Aalderling in The Netherlands it was looking a bit sad but encouraging as it had all of its original trim and had clearly never been restored. It had been in the ownership of a gentleman in Switzerland since 1956, as he was born in the early years of the 20th century I assumed it had been off the road for at least 20 years but had clearly been well stored. I rebuilt the brakes and fitted new tyres, checked over the engine and rebuilt the carburettor and dynamo and fixed and checked whatever else I could. I was then lucky enough to drive it quite regularly over a few years, taking it to shows and also on The Automobile magazine's Oily Rag Run where it won the coveted 'Car we'd most like to take home' award. More recently the current owner has done much the same and has received similar accolades, 'Car we'd most like to drive home' being one of them and 'Most interesting vehicle here today' another.

The 750cc flat twin engine fires up easily from cold, if it has sat for a while the fuel pump is handily equipped with a primer that helps ensure this, and runs just great. Acceleration through the gears feels brisk & shifting through the 4 speed synchronised gearbox is easy. The rack and pinion steering is direct and the large drum brakes bring it quickly to a stop. It is fitted with a set of 5 Michelin X tyres, fitted when the car first came back to the UK and now having maybe 3000 miles on them.

Whilst the original colour seems to have been a light metallic green it looks like it the exterior been painted several times and in a couple of styles, now it is mostly blue with a mostly silver bonnet. The interior is all original paint. As you will see form the photos the exterior is covered in dents, scratches, paint chips and small areas of surface rust around the edges. In case you don't know most of this car is aluminium (everything but the front and rear wings and sill trim) and there is absolutely no corrosion. Another benefit of the aluminium construction is the fact that the doors are extremely light - there is no wear in any of the door hinges.

The interior is as about as original as you could hope to find. The front seat base does have a hole under the driver, that's why there is some protection and the cloth that you can see in the photos. The rear seat is holding up really well, as are the headlining, netting, sun visor (singular) and door cards. I fitted all new door and window seals when I first got the car and these remain in good condition.

To finish, I absolutely love this car and if I had the money I'd buy it and keep it forever. It's easy to drive and maintain, stands out wherever it goes and easily keeps up with traffic (in fact you tend to find people are driving too slowly nowadays).

There are over 30 photos in the gallery below and you will also find a couple of driving videos.

Please call or email for more details and to arrange an inspection and test drive.

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