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1910 Rochet-Schneider

1910 Rochet-Schneider

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I am delighted to be able to offer this 1910 Rochet-Schneider 9700 Series to the market on behalf of a customer. It is chassis number 79 of 80 constructed. To our knowledge and per statements by the Rochet-Schneider Club, this is the only one known to still exist.


The chassis comes with a French built, very sporting 4 place, open front body, circa 1908-1910.  The body is sound with no wood rot. The seats are excellent, with original paint that is very presentable. The upholstery is only good for patterns. The running board brackets and headlight forks plus miscellaneous small bits and bobs go with the chassis. The rear tail light bracket is mounted on the frame.

The car was rebuilt from  the ground up by Dr. David K. Gast, President of the Horseless Carriage Club of America in 1986. In detail:


All new wooden wheels and rims; new wheel bearings on all 4 wheels; new 880 x 120 tires and tubes. New brake shoes on rear wheels.  Rear brakes have deep fins for cooling and are extremely large, 17 inches in diameter. The original differential cleaned, 100% ok clearance checked, no wear on gears, new gear oil installed. 15/44 ratio 2.9 overall. The drive shaft U-joint that is mounted at the rear of the transmission was rebuilt and a leather boot was fabricated exactly as the original to keep grease in and dirt out of the U-joint bearing. The foot brake activates a brake drum that is attached to the rear of the transmission. The drum was cleaned and turned down to perfect original specifications and properly relined with the appropriate brake lining material. The adjusting mechanism works as new and the brake drum operating through the differential stops the car with very little effort and is very efficient in its operation.


The entire frame, axles, steering mechanism, front springs, rear springs cleaned  and lightly primed. No evidence of pitting anywhere.  Bushings all replaced where required. The front steering bearings are new. The entire chassis is ready for final painting.


The 4.8/5 Liter, 4 cylinder, Rochet-Schneider manufactured engine has been completely rebuilt and balanced. The engine oiling system is via an internal oil pump and the complete oiling system is pressurised.  An oil pressure relief valve is mounted externally on the engine just below the carburettor. An original Rochet-Schneider oil pressure gauge is dash mounted.  It is porcelain-faced, flange mounted, and is marked “Automobiles Rochet-Schneider, Lyon, Huile”. The gauge has a glass face and is 100% working. The original magneto was fully rebuilt and has a “hot spark”. The magneto is marked “17 Rue Theophile Gauthier, Paris, Bosch DU4 No. 437190”. The original carburettor is excellent and complete and is marked “Zenith Carburateur #36DE296”. Four NOS 18 mm Splitdorf spark plugs and period correct wires using the original Rochet-Schneider plug wire ends are correctly installed. Water circulation to the radiator/engine is via a rotary pump mounted on the left side of the engine and driven by the timing gears. Original four-blade engine cooling fan assembly is complete and excellent. There is a new 12V self starter and a new starter ring gear attached to the fly wheel, all new and excellent. 100% brand new radiator, perfect copy of the original, complete with cap and original water outlet, cost $14,000. New exhaust header pipe, new muffler using the original RS ends and incorporating the original RS exhaust cut out.


The 4-Speed Rochet-Schneider transmission (# 9721) was 100% rebuilt with new ball bearings. No wear on the gear sets. Shifts all 4 gears and reverse with precision and a smoothness that is not to be believed. Rolls-Royce should have bought their transmissions for the Ghost from Rochet-Schneider. No wear in evidence in the entire gearbox. New leather cone clutch. Clutch is smooth and direct. All springs are new on the operating mechanism and operate as new.


The engine and transmission are mounted in a subframe that is inside the main frame rails.  This set up is ideal if you are contemplating a larger or different choice of engine for vintage racing.


Original RS steering wheel, wood is tight and excellent, plus correct 9722 serial number stamped on reverse side of the wheel spoke.

Absolutely no marks or wear on the clutch and brake pedals. There is little evidence of use. Clutch and brake arms are tight as new.


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