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SS100 replica in the workshop

This SS100 replica was dropped off today. It's one of the Suffolk Sportscars kits that's been beautifully built quite recently, there's nothing wrong with it but it might need a lot of work. To explain, the owners inherited it recently and when they applied to change the V5 into their name the DVLA pulled the registration and insisted on it going through the IVA test. Apparently this has happened to a few of these cars and I wonder what impact it will have on sales of other replicas, particularly all of the AC Cobra clones that are around. To pass IVA it needs to have things like side indicators, headrests, no sharp edges and about 100 other detail changes. As a start I'm going to compare what we have on the car currently with what is required by the DVLA and see if I can come up with an estimate for the work.

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