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Sizaire-Berwick 23/46 in the workshop

Auction spotters might have seen this 1923 Sizaire-Berwick cross the block at the late November H and H sale, the new owner has sent it to me with a view to recommissioning it. I'll start out by checking it all over and provide a list of needs, wants and desires and let the owner pick and choose. According the the auction notes it has been in a "collection" for over 20 years (parked up in a dark garage) and it really doesn't look like it's turned a wheel in all of that time. Prior to that the only information I have was that it was "restored" in 1971, initial impressions seem to suggest people have different ideas about what restored means. The only mechanical part it's missing is the dynamo, from what I understand these are pretty much an Austin Twenty so if anyone knows of a spare I do hope you'll get in touch.

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