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Reliant Rialto progress

I've completed a few jobs on the Rialto since it came in and today saw a major step towards getting it out of the workshop. When the engine came apart it was clear that the car was little used, the crankshaft and bearings look like brand new, it was just a matter of honing the bores, cleaning up the pistons & opening up the oil ring groove to match the new rings, and skimming the head. Whilst the machining work was going on I sorted the door seals, a broken door lock and the driver's window. I replaced a brake pipe that had been squashed when someone tried towing it and have also had new Blockley tyres fitted to wheels that have been restored by KLS in Galgate. There was also some work to do on the electrics with the fitting of replacement column switches, not as easy as it sounds as the indicator/horn/main beam switch was wired incorrectly both at the plug and inside the switch. Today I finished off the engine build by assembling and installing the pistons & rods, fitting the oil pump, sump, cam followers, head, pushrods & rocker assembly, adjusting the valves, fitting the flywheel, clutch & gearbox and now it's positioned back in the car. I've got some hooking up to do tomorrow but am hoping to have it running by end of day.

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