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MG Midget in the workshop

This MG Midget was dropped off yesterday, the owner hasn't had it long, it got hot when she was driving it a few weeks ago. From the colour of the fluid it chucked up onto the inner wing there's a chance the cooling system is a little sludgy and I don't think the temperature gauge is working correctly as there was no warning. Since that event is no longer starts so I'll do a compression test first but, after flushing the cooling system through, I am planning on removing the cylinder head, a skim and a head gasket set might be all it needs. I'll also replace all the coolant hoses and the thermostat, fit ethanol proof fuel hoses where required and fix anything else I find that's wrong under the bonnet. It's been a while since I worked on one of these, they are so nice (easy) to work on and with parts availability being what it is you can make a lot of difference to how they run and drive without forking out a lot of cash.

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