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Jensen 541S in the workshop

This Jensen 541S was dropped off this morning, came in a bit short notice, the owner has spent 8 years putting it together (and he's done it beautifully) but it just won't run as it should. Quite a rare car, of the 127 built only 22 were, like this one, fitted with the optional Moss manual gearbox. It's backfiring on the overrun and is not pulling like it should. A quick look at the triple SU H type carburettors showed that the breather/overflow banjos on the float chambers were fitted with incorrect washers, the lower one should be a slotted fibre washer else a vacuum is created in the chamber. With the washers corrected and mixtures reset it was certainly running more smoothly and their backfire has reduced but it is still down on power so I'll look a bit more deeply tomorrow. The reason for the rush? It's the Jensen club national meeting this weekend.

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