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Jaguar E-Type Series 1.5 in the workshop

I went with a customer to look over this E-Type a couple of weeks ago and, as it showed a lot of promise, he decided to buy it. He collected it yesterday from the vendor and dropped it off at the workshop today. We already had a pretty good idea what it would need as we were able to inspect it on a ramp, the vendor was most accommodating. I am going to re-bush the front suspension, fit new upper and lower ball joints and while the suspension is torn down I'll have the upright and wishbones painted and possibly upgrade the brakes to 4-pot calipers and vented discs. I am also going to fit a new aluminium radiator and replace all coolant hoses and clamps. Work on the Series 1 OTS in the background is progressing, the engine has been stripped down, found the crankshaft worn and the head has a 0.016" twist. The front suspension has had all new polyurethane bushings fitted as well as new upper and lower ball joints. The interior has been stripped out and will be re-trimmed, a new radiator in on order and a full stainless exhaust system is ready to go on once the engine work is complete.

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