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Jaguar E-type engine assembly

I have finally been able to get some work done assembling the Jaguar E-type engine I have been rebuilding and it is now almost ready to go back in the car. I've hung the new headers just for the photo, they will have to go on once it's in the car. Most of the delays were tied up with finding that the cylinder head was incorrect (from a Mk10) and the crankshaft had already been ground about as far as recommended. Replacements were sourced but there were problems in having them machined by the supplier. Once they arrived here I had Blackpool Road & Rally skim and hone the block, skim the head and grind the crankshaft (mains are standard and just needed polishing, big-ends needed a 0.010" cut). The crankshaft, pistons, rods, flywheel, clutch & pulley then went to HiTech Engines for balancing. It's got all new valves and V12 valve springs, the carburettors have been overhauled and there's a new aluminium radiator ready to go in so it should turn out quite nicely. Once the weight of the engine & gearbox is on the front end I'll be able to finish hooking up the suspension and then that just leaves the finishing off of the interior re-trim.

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