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Ford Mustang back from test drive

After quite some time working through the teething problems that the builder should have sorted I was able to test drive the Mustang today and I think it's worked out well. So well I had the owner come and take it out and from the smile on his face when he came back I'd say he was pleased. I ended up replacing the carburettor, the 750 Holley had no provision for a kickdown, unnecessary mechanically driven secondaries and there was no choke. The 600cfm Holley I replaced it with has solved all of these issues along with just about all of the others (bogging down after accelerating, stalling on braking, lack of power on quick acceleration, etc.). It goes to show that bigger doesn't necessarily mean better. In addition I've sorted out the shift linkage by replacing the actuator in the gearbox and the control rod to the shifter (and a bit of bending here and there) and pretty much the same can be said of the kickdown. This has been an interesting project and I am really pleased with the results, driving it reminded me of the 1000s of miles I did across the western US in my Galaxie 500XL.

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