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'67 Mustang progress

Quite a lot of work has been completed on the '67 Mustang of late and it is very close to going out the door. With the tail-shaft bushing on the C4 transmission sorted and a new seal fitted the prop could go back in and the car could be put back on the ground. Since it came in the job list had grown: driver's door & boot lid removed for re-painting by previous owner - now refitted; top of engine cleaned up (remove, blast & paint valve covers & refit with new gaskets; clean & paint intake manifold, oil filler & coil bracket; reorder ignition wires); fit a fire extinguisher; etc.. In addition to replacing the transmission rear seal & bushing it also needed a new shift shaft seal, that meant removing the transmission pan, filter & valve block for access - it doesn't leak any more so that's good. All I have left to do is fit a fire extinguisher (I'm having a bracket made locally) and fit a new PCV valve hose as the one on the engine is cracked.

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