1974 Triumph TR6

1974 Triumph TR6

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I have been commissioned to sell this 1974 Triumph TR6 by one of my customers, she is just not using it as much as she thought she might on her husband's passing. I've known about it for a year and have carried out some work, just small stuff. Overall it's a really nice car in a good colour that has been well looked after by a careful owner. 

The straight 6 2500cc fuel injected engine fires up easily and soon settles into a smooth idle. When it came in it was not running, I found the rotor arm was faulty so this has been replaced with a high quality item (why do they even sell 'low quality'?). I also fitted a new set of plug wires but only because one of them did not match the rest. There is an electric fan and thermostat installed. Gearbox, clutch, rear axle, brakes, suspension and steering all good.

The interior is very tidy, I fitted some new footwell mats & felt a year ago, the rest of the carpet was good so I left it alone. The vinyl on the base of the driver's seat has a few small cracks, as you might see in the photos, but they are not bad and really don't detract.

The bodywork and paint present well, even up close, but there are some age related marks (as in age of the paint - maybe 20 years but I will check). Chassis is good, I had a close look at it last year when it needed repairs to some damage around the left rear trailing arm mount. The chrome is excellent, wheels, tyres and trim are in a similar condition.

Please call or email for more details and to arrange an inspection and test drive.