1961 Morris Minor

Price:   £14500


This 1960 Morris Minor Traveller has been completely restored and was bought by the owner in March of this year from a marque specialist. Unfortunately a change of circumstances has led to his decission to sell it.


With regards to the body the metalwork is excellent, the recent paint is in very good condition and entire car is rust free. The woodwork looks like it was replaced during the restoration, there are no signs of rot or damp and it is all in a very good state of repair.


The interior is all new. The front and rear seats have been rebuilt and have new rubber straps, foam and vinyl covers. The door cards, panel trim pieces and carpets are all new and the headlining has been replaced. New seals have been fitted to the door frames and all windows.


The engine bay is immaculate and, apart from the addition of a brake booster, looks completely stock. The engine starts easily from hot and cold, the clutch has an easy action and the gearbox is quiet with a smooth shift between the gears. A new wiring loom has been installed and the owner recently had electronic ignition fitted along with a new coil.


Available to view any time and it really is worth a look, this car has had all the money spent is now ready for the new owner to enjoy.

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