1951 Chevrolet 3100

1951 Chevy 3100

Price:   £17500

This 1951 Chevrolet 3100 came over from Kansas few years ago where it had been sold new and spent its entire life. It has clearly spent a number of years parked up but because Kansas is a dry and quite hot central state it's survived in remarkably original condition.​ It came into the workshop a few months ago with no brakes, engine not running, gearshift seized and no electrics. It has excellent bodywork and mechanicals, just as you would want to find them, and an original Fulton visor for good measure. Since carrying out the the work listed below  it now runs beautifully, drives in all gears and stops great too. The steering is light, clutch and gearshift are easy to use and the electrics are all working.


All import duties have been paid, NOVA completed and, after a recent inspection by the DVLA, it has a V5 in the owner's name. 

Engine & drivetrain: the sump, rocker cover and side cover plate have been removed and cleaned and the inside of the engine was inspected (all parts in near spotless condition); 3 bent pushrods were replaced and the relative stuck valves freed off; it has fresh oil and a new oil filter of course; new engine mounts have been installed; the distributor was removed, cleaned, checked and refitted along with new spark plugs and HT leads; the fuel pump was removed, cleaned out and tested and carburettor was removed, stripped down and thoroughly cleaned; the starter motor has been removed and cleaned and main contacts decarbonised; the engine now fires up easily and idles really smoothly with good oil pressure; the gearbox top was removed and the shifter mechanism and transmission baulk rings freed off; all 4 forward gears and reverse engage easily; the gearbox and axle oil have been replaced.

Brakes: all wheels were removed and the brake drums removed and inspected; all brake parts were stripped off, slave cylinders rebuilt with new seals and all other parts cleaned,  checked and refitted; the brake master cylinder was removed and rebuilt with new seals; a new brake pipe was fitted between master cylinder and frame mounted t-piece and new front flexible hoses installed.

Steering and suspension: all parts have been checked over and lubricated.

Electrics: it has new original style 6 volt battery and a new cloth covered original style positive battery cable to connect it to the starter terminal; a new ignition barrel has been fitted to the switch - ignition tested ok; it has new 6v twin filament side lamp/indicator bulbs fitted front and back - lights all working, including the dash lights, indicators and hazards.

Bodywork: the bodywork has needed nothing, whilst for sure there is a lot of surface rust there is almost no corrosion, I've just wiped it over with some XCP on an oily rag to protect it; the bed in the back in almost non existent, it's likely that insects have eaten it.

Whilst I have only driven it around the yard it certainly seems like a good truck. It does still need a few jobs doing before running it on the road (tyres, seat upholstery, maybe door cards and the truck bed) but it is a very original vehicle and an excellent basis for a rat look truck. It's certainly not in Kansas any more.


Please call or email for more details and to arrange an inspection and test drive.